8 Essential Slides for Your Dissertation Proposal Defence PowerPoint

All the successful examples of the dissertation proposal defence PowerPoint show us one thing: an attempt to demonstrate your understanding of the focus area. The thesis defence of a dissertation has the following two parts:

  1. The thesis itself
  2. The arguments for the defence

In the thesis, you show your understanding of the program and the major you have undertaken. Similarly, in the defence, you present the evidence to support your arguments. Now, it is your job to convince the committee members about the validity of your thesis.

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Coming back to the core discussion, let’s now move on to the elaboration of 08 basic slide elements of a dissertation proposal. Read on to learn more about the topic.

What Are the 8 Essential Slides for a Dissertation Proposal Defence PowerPoint?

As you might know earlier, a sum total of 5-8 slides is needed to make a dissertation proposal oral defence PowerPoint presentation. Also, there is no need to overpack the slides with the information. All that you have to do is add these important slides in your presentation with the relevant information:

As per The University of Tennessee Chattanooga, the organisation that should be followed for such a proposal is the following:

  1. 2 slides for the introduction of the topic
  2. 2 slides for the summarisation of the research background
  3. 2 slides for the description of the research question
  4. 2 slides for the references

Let’s discuss these 4 core elements of slides for the dissertation proposal defence PowerPoint template here.

1. Introductory Slides (2 Slides)

In the first 02 slides, you are going to explain the topic of your research. Explain the significance of your work and highlight the breakthroughs you have made. Furthermore, keep in mind that only some in your audience have the background knowledge you have. That is why you have to focus on the bigger picture while using as simple language as you can.

If you incorporate different types of data visualisation elements in your presentation, it will help the audience understand your point of view better. Also, it will not overwhelm the audience and elevate their level of comprehension. By the end of these slides, your viewers must be clear about the title and importance of your study.

2. Slides for Research Context (2 Slides)

Also, you can explain the significance of the proposed research to the readers here. Also, it will be best to present a summary of the key points that you extract from the literature review. Furthermore, you can provide them with a description of the conceptual framework. Apart from that, measures for solving the problems should be added to this section.

Since a proposal provides the analysis and interpretation of the data, be sure to add that to the work as well. It goes without saying that your audience will automatically become educated on the rationale of the whole research in your dissertation proposal defence PowerPoint presentation.

3. Slides for Explaining the Research Questions (2 Slides)

So, in these 5-8 slides, you have to keep in mind that your committee and you have read the dissertation only. Also, be mindful of the fact that not all of your audience will be aware of your research rationale. Therefore, explain your methods and results to them in the jargon-free, easy language.

Hence, to do that, you have to explain the research questions and key points of your work. But know that you must keep the technical details to a minimum. Following this approach will help everyone understand the importance of your work.

Not only that, but you also have to use logical and smooth transitions between your work. The impactful slides are crucial for the success of your dissertation proposal defence PowerPoint presentation. If you need help, reach out to professional dissertation proposal writers for personalised assistance. 

4. Slides for the References  (2 Slides)

In these last slides, you have to provide the references for the information you used in the preparation of those slides. That is so because it will make your dissertation proposal defence PowerPoint presentation more impactful for the audience.

Keep in mind that you must follow the citation style guidelines for referencing information. Also, you must take your information from reliable and authentic sources. This is important because if someone wants to cross-check the information, they can do so easily.

What to Put in PPT for Proposal Defence?

In the dissertation proposal defence PowerPoint presentation, provide the readers with a simple explanation of the study. Furthermore, you should add these points in that presentation:

  • Rationale of study
  • The intervention
  • The purpose or objectives of the study
  • Plans and statistics for analysis
  • The sample characteristics
  • Methodology for research
  • The endpoints of the study
  • Outcomes of research

How to Prepare a PPT for a Proposal?

In concise terms, to prepare a PowerPoint dissertation proposal defence, follow these steps:

  • Understand what is being asked of you.
  • Define brief and relevant objectives of your work.
  • Write a compelling introduction.
  • Highlight the main aims of the study.
  • Develop a realistic budget.

Furthermore, keep in mind that you have to follow the guidelines we have mentioned in the article above to craft perfect slides for your dissertation proposal.


So, that was all about the top 08 essential slides that must be a part of your sample dissertation proposal defence PowerPoint presentation. When making your PPT, you have to keep in mind the instructions of your professors. Also, be mindful of following the guidelines we have provided you with. It will result in you improving the quality of your slides and impressing the audience.

Last but not least, dissertation proposal help services can be of great assistance for tailored and one-on-one academic support. Using such platforms, you can actually improve the quality of your papers and refine the slides of your presentation to a great extent.

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