Choosing the Right Bow Case For Your Needs

A bow case will keep your bow and arrows safe from damage and significantly prolong their lifespan. Choosing the right one for your needs is crucial.

If you’re right-eye dominant, choose a bow with a longer brace height to avoid string slap (when the bowstring hits your forearm). Also, choose a take-down recurve as it’s easier to transport and service.

Pelican® Cases

When you have professional equipment that is delicate and expensive, the best way to transport it is with a Pelican case. Professional photographers, production companies, law enforcement and military professionals all rely on them to protect their gear from the elements.

The Pelican Air Case series is up to 40 percent lighter than the standard hard cases because they are constructed with HPX2, a super-light proprietary polypropylene formula that’s more resilient and easier to maneuver. The wheels are tucked away to prevent them from taking up exterior space, and the handles have been ergonomically designed so that you can haul your case by hand with ease.

Most Pelican cases feature a special Pick N Pluck foam that lets you pluck cubes out of the main compartment to create a custom fit for your equipment. The cases also have custom-designed latches that are easy to open, and they stay closed during high-altitude shipping bumps or watery mishaps.

BowTruk® Cases

The BowTruk case concept was designed from the ground up with innovative functionality to conveniently secure bows, arrows and archery gear. Featuring a hybrid hard/soft shell that’s tough enough for airline travel, BowTruk cases keep equipment safe during airline handling and transport. A double seatbelt system securely anchors bows, and three internal pockets keep accessories organized. The bow compartment is built for full-size compound and recurve bows, while the accessory pockets are easily accessible from the outside without opening the main bow compartment. For easier toting, the BowTruk features heavy-duty bearing-type wheels and a handy “trailer hitch” strap allows duffle attachment for one-handed wheeled mobility.

Easton has also introduced their Generation II BowTruk roller bow cases which feature even more durability and easier access to interior pocket storage. These durable, rugged bow cases are available in three sizes to accommodate virtually every type of bow. For bowhunters who prefer to use a target that allows them to shoot horizontally, the SEVR archery target is an ideal choice. This innovative bow target offers a more realistic target size than traditional targets, while also providing the flexibility of shooting vertically for added confidence at long distances.

Easton® Cases

Designed from the ground up, this case features innovative functionality to conveniently secure bows, arrows, and archery gear. Its hybrid hard/soft shell offers 360-degree content protection and is available in three sizes to accommodate various bow types. The cases roll easily with heavy-duty bearing-type wheels and a handy trailer hitch strap for duffle attachment to vehicles.

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Although Easton improperly emailed the court magistrate a proposed jury instruction on contributory negligence before Pratt’s trial, this conduct does not justify a new trial or reversal of the judgment. Similarly, we do not find that Easton’s statements regarding other similar incidents (OSI) were improperly admitted into evidence during the trial.

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