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Learning a musical instrument is a hugely personal experience. Some students prefer a little guidance from a tutor, while others thrive on self-directed learning.

Newcomer Guitareo is one of the best cours de guitare en ligne gratuit out there, with a massive library of video tutorials. The lessons aimed at beginners are especially good, covering all the basics without ever being patronising.


Songsterr is an online guitar tab platform with a large library of songs and chords. The site offers free memberships and a premium version that is more advanced. The premium version includes features like advanced guitar tabs, a built-in audio player, and more. The premium service also allows you to save and play tabs offline.

The platform is available for both PC and Mac, and it has a simple user interface. Its dark theme is popular with users, as it provides a visual experience that reduces eye strain during extended sessions. Users also appreciate the platform’s accuracy, which is an important factor when learning to read music.

However, there are some concerns with the software. For instance, Kincaid pointed out that Songsterr’s guitar tabs lack symbols for slides, bending, and vibrato. However, this is a minor problem, and the site does include instructions on how to use these symbols. In addition, Songsterr allows users to report errors.

Songsterr’s community-driven model and modern interface have made it a popular choice among guitarists, especially beginners. The site’s huge collection and focus on quality have earned it high marks from the community. However, it may not be as comprehensive as Ultimate Guitar.

The community-driven model of Songsterr makes it easy to find songs and chords, even if you aren’t an experienced guitar player. The platform also features a wide variety of instruments, including drums and bass. In addition, the platform lets you slow down, pause, and loop a song for practice. The app is free to download, but it requires an internet connection. You can also add songs to your favorites list. Songsterr also supports multiple fretboards, so you can practice on your preferred style of play.

Ultimate Guitar

UG, or Ultimate Guitar, is the most well-known resource for guitar chords and tabs on the internet. It has a massive database and is the first place people go when they want to learn to play a song. The website also has a paid subscription service, Ultimate Guitar Pro, which provides more tools for learning guitar.

The site offers a variety of learning tools, including chord charts, auto-scroll functionality, and the ability to print different types of tabs. It also has a large selection of songs in various styles and decades. The website also includes a community for users to exchange ideas and tips. It has a reputation system, known as UG IQ, that measures your knowledge and how much the community trusts you. The higher your UG IQ, the more privileges you get. You can earn UG IQ by posting comments, replying to other users, and suggesting edits.

Ultimate Guitar also has a mobile app, which is designed to make it easier to practice your skills on the go. The app has a number of features that help you master your skills, including a built-in tuner and metronome. It also has a chord library and offers lessons on guitar technique and theory.

While the free version of Ultimate Guitar is useful, it does have limitations that prevent you from getting the most out of the service. You can only use the website and the app if you have an account, which limits the types of content you can access. There are also copyright issues with UG, as the site relies on user-generated content. However, UG has a process in place for dealing with copyright violations.

Guitar Tuna

Learning an instrument can be a rewarding experience, but it’s also a big commitment. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or simply want to play some songs with friends, there’s a lot of information available on the internet and a number of platforms that offer online guitar lessons. Some of them offer free content, while others have a paid subscription option with additional features. Some of these providers even have a special course designed for beginners.

The Fender Play platform, for example, is a great choice for beginners with a structured lesson plan and an ever-growing library of video lessons. It covers a variety of topics, including how to play specific genres, such as jazz and blues. It also has a few videos that explore the playing styles of some of the greatest guitarists of all time. However, it’s important to note that the platform doesn’t give much attention to pop music, so it’s best for those who are interested in playing rock and blues.

Another popular online guitar-learning platform is ArtistWorks, which offers a wide range of free and paid courses for all skill levels. Its free courses include video lessons from renowned teachers, such as Paul Gilbert. The lessons can be challenging, but they are a great way to improve your skills and learn new techniques. The platform also has separate playlists for bass and ukulele lessons.

Other popular platforms that offer free online guitar lessons include Guitareo and JamTrackCentral. Both have a large selection of lessons for all skill levels, and they cover various topics, from basic chords to advanced shredding techniques. In addition to online guitar lessons, both offer a variety of tools for practice, such as a metronome and a tuner. They also have a large collection of music for all genres, making them an excellent resource for musicians of any level.

Andy Guitar

Andy Guitar is a UK based YouTube guitarist who has created a series of guitar lessons that are particularly tailored to beginner players. His videos offer structured guitar tutorials and songs that are easy to learn. They also include a metronome which allows the student to hear how they are progressing and help them to play in tune. This is important because many beginners play too fast and end up sounding messier than they could be.

His videos are also a great source of inspiration for new guitarists, as they show how much can be achieved in a relatively short period of time. He also believes that the best way to improve quickly is by practicing often. He recommends that students practice their chords and scales every day, ideally for half an hour each session. In addition, he advises students to record themselves playing so that they can see how well they are doing and where they need to improve.

He also provides a free online band experience program for students to practice with a live band from the comfort of their home. The students are taught all the guitar parts for 21 popular songs, and then they get to jam along with the band. The course also includes interactive TAB that is synced to the video content, so students can see and hear their progress at any point in time. The lessons are designed to be suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars.

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is a series of music video games that combine rock music with an innovative physical game controller. During the course of each song, players hold down colored fret buttons that scroll across the top of the guitar controller, in time with the music. The player “strums” the guitar’s plastic bar (in lieu of plucking strings), and if each note is played correctly, their Rock Meter dial and Star Power indicator increase in value. If enough Star Power is earned, the player can activate a multiplier that boosts their score and their difficulty.

When it was first released, the original Guitar Hero was an unprecedented success. Within just a few months of release, the game made over $45 million. It would go on to become one of the best-selling video games of all time. It left a sizable crater in the music industry, and pop culture, too.

To play Guitar Hero, a guitar-shaped controller is attached to a console or computer. The controller features color-coded fret buttons and a tone-twisting whammy bar. The game is a mixture of musical performance and dance, with the player acting as a lead guitarist in a fictional band. The player must perform each note in the correct rhythm to win each match. The game also includes a career mode where the player can choose which songs to play and earns points and experience for their performance.

The game features a variety of different difficulty levels, from Easy to Hard. Each difficulty level provides the player with a different learning curve. The Easy version focuses on the first three fret buttons, while Medium introduces the fourth button and Hard adds more notes to the instrument. Each difficulty level increases the challenge by increasing the speed at which the notes must be played and by adding more complicated chords.

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