How many Tawaf are there in Umrah?

Many pilgrims often wander that how many times Tawaf can be performed during Hajj or Umrah. It is a sacred spiritual journey for Muslims around the world. Tawaf is the anti-clockwise circumambulation around the Kaaba during Umrah. Umrah is done by booking the Umrah Packages UK from any authentic travel agency. The Tawaf is a mandatory rituals for pilgrims to perform it is a sacred ritual associated with prayers and several preconditions.

The word Tawaf is an Arabic word. It is derived from the Arabic word Twaf, which means to circle inn Arabic. Twaf is one of the most important rites of Umrah, before the time of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the Arabs use to perform Tawaf naked considering it is an ancestral ritual.

At that time, their belief was that circumambulation in clothes is a sins. The reason why pilgrims circumambulate in a circular fashion in the same direction is because for them it is a sign of belief in only Allah. Some people consider circumambulation around the Kaaba as a step towards the seventh heaven.

What is Tawaf?

If you are a Muslim and intend to perform Hajj or Umrah, it is very important to be aware of Tawaf.  When you go to the house of Allah to perform Hajj or Umrah, you have to perform Tawaf, so it is very important to take the time to know its true meaning. Tawaf is one of the most important ritual of the Umrah.

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Why is it important how will it be done what are the different types? The term of Tawaf is derived from the Arabic verb Tafa, which means to encircle or go around something. In simple words, Tawaf as part of Umrah or Hajj refers to circumambulating seven times around the Kaaba in an anti-clockwise direction starting from the black stone. Each cycle will start from Hijra Aswad and end at Hijra Aswad thus completing one cycle.

Similarly, completing seven round around the Kaaba will complete the ritual of circumambulation. It is one of the important duties of both Hajj and Umrah without which Umrah and Hajj is considered incomplete. Pilgrims recite Talbiyah and various other supplications as Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) while doing Tawaf.

What are the 5 types of Tawaf?

Whether you intend to perform Hajj or Umrah depends on the step at which you perform the ritual of Tawaf. You can perform five types of Tawaf, all of which are performed in the similar way. They include:

• Tawaf Al – Qudum

• Tawaf Al- Umrah

• Tawaf Al – Ziyara

• Tawaf Al – Widah

• Nafl Tawaf

Tawaf Al- Qudum

Tawaf Al- Qudum is the initial salutation Tawaf performed by Muslim pilgrims. It decides to perform Hajj Al – Quran or Hajj Al- Farad. Ihram should be worn during this Tawaf. Men should do Ramal and Retreat. Pilgrims coming for Hajj Al- Quran and Hajj Al- Farad should perform this Tawaf any time before the day of Qiyam on 9th Dhu-al-Hijjah of Arafat.

Tawaf Al- Umrah

This type of Tawaf is performed by those who go outside the Hajj season to perform Hajj Tamattu or to perform standalone Umrah. Hajj pilgrims who live outside Saudi Arabia perform Hajj Al- Tamat. And those who intend to perform both Hajj and Umrah together. They first perform during which Tawaf Is performed and then they leave for Hajj. Pilgrims should wear ihram twice during this time. Rimal and idtibah are celebrated only by male pilgrims. Pilgrims perform Sa’i after Tawaf al- Umrah and the two Rakaats prayers associated with it.

Tawaf Al – Ziyara

Pilgrims perform Tawaf Al – Ziyara on 10th Dhu- al – Hijjah. It is also known as Tawaf Al- Fadah. Rami perform al- Jamarat before Mina returns. Since the state of ihram is left after Halak, this Tawaf can be performed in casual clothes in addition to the state of ihram. However, marital relations are prohibited until you complete Tawaf Al- Ziyara.

Tawaf al- Widah

Pilgrims do it after completing their Umrah before leaving for Mecca. After performing Umrah Tawaf Al- Widah, Tawaf Al- Quran, Tawaf al- Farad and Tamattu pilgrims complete their Umrah. It is necessary to be in the state of ihram for this Tawaf, but for the woman it can be done in casual clothes.

Nafl Tawaf

Nafl Tawaf is a voluntary Tawaf. Which can be performed by anyone at any time according to their choice. While in Mecca, you should make the most of your free time by engaging in Nafl Tawaf. Once you have completed your Tawaf, offer two Rakaats of Nafl prayers in Tawaf. And proceed to Zamzam well to get zamzam water.

What are the conditions of Tawaf-al-Umrah?

There are some of the conditions of Tawaf:  

• Being Muslims

• Forming the intention (Niyyah)

• Covering the Awrah

• Being the sound mind

• Being in a state of purity

• Performing seven complete circuits

• Tawaf should encompass all of the Kaaba

• Keeping the Kaaba on one left

• The circuits must be done consecutively

• Tawaf must be done within the confines of Masjid Al- Haram

• The Muslims before Tawaf ritual of perform Umrah Clothes and body should also be clean and free of impurities

• Performing Tawaf should on foot, if able to walk

• Tawaf should begin start the round from the black stone

Final verdict

Final verdict, Tawaf is an essential stage of Hajj and Umrah. It basically refers to the act of circumambulation of the Kaaba from Masjid Al- Haram, Allah’s organization and devotion. Tawaf of the Kaaba is done in anti- clockwise direction. A cycle is completed by starting the cycle from Hijra Aswad and end at Hijra Aswad.

Tawaf is a sacred ritual and an important part of the sacred worship that is performed during Hajj and Umrah. It is a symbol of Muslim unity and devotion to Allah, Generally, a pilgrim performs Tawaf three or two times during his Hajj and Umrah. Tawaf can be performed at any time as a voluntary act of worship. The importance of Tawaf can be gauged from the fact that Tawaf connects you with Allah and brings you closer to Allah.

Tawaf represents every rotating object in the universe, making it a necessary step for Umrah. Performing Tawaf Is not a difficult task. Familiarize yourself with the conditions of ihram in certain types, the requirements of purity, the rituals performance. There are five types of Tawaf. Get clear on the categories applicable to you before going on Hajj or Umrah.

It is circumambulated three times during the three stages of the pilgrimage of Hajj, while it is performed twice during the performance of Umrah. These Tawaf rituals have spiritual significance and are an integral part of this sacred spiritual journey.  

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