How to Turn a Photo Into an Animated Avatar With AI

In previous tutorials we have seen how we can create videos from simple images thanks to artificial intelligence with the help of tools like Runway Gen-1. These types of applications are great for making artistic videos, but they require a high dose of creativity and a dedication of several hours to get a good amount of footage.

If what we want is to generate videos from text or written articles then what we need is other types of tools. In the post “ The 10 best AI video generators ” we talked about applications like Lumen5 or Synthesia, which are great for creating videos for YouTube, TikTok and other social networks in a matter of a few minutes.

One of the most notable points of these new applications powered by artificial intelligence is that they allow us to use avatars or “presenters” (yes, like those on TV news) who read our scripts , achieving much more elaborate videos with a really minimal investment. of time and effort.

How to Turn a Photo Into a Video Presented by an Animated Talking Avatar

The bad thing about these types of AI talking avatar applications is that we usually have to settle for generic stock avatars. This makes the videos not very customizable. Luckily, there are already tools like HeyGen , which go one step further and are capable of generating animated avatars from a simple photograph.

In this way, if you are going to create videos by AI but you want to keep your personal stamp, you can add your own photo and turn it into a talking avatar. We have done the test and the truth is that the result is most convincing. I explain how it works:

  • Enter the HeyGen web application and register. You can use an email or log in with your Google or Facebook account. Press the “ Create a video ” button located at the top right of the screen and select the desired format for the video (horizontal or vertical).
  • In the left menu click on “ Avatar ”.
  • Click on “ TalkingPhoto ” and select the cloud icon to upload the photo you want to use as a talking avatar. Make sure you use a selfie photo where the face is clearly visible in the foreground so that there are no problems when animating the video.
  • Once the photo is loaded, click on the card on the right to choose the language. In our case we have chosen Spanish (there are several types of different voices and accents).
  • Next, use the text box to paste the script or written text that the avatar will read. If you want an optimal result, check the spelling and don’t forget any punctuation marks.
  • When you have everything ready, press the “ Submit ” button that you will see in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • HeyGen will start processing the image, voice and text to generate the video. This process can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes depending on the length of the video.

When the AI ​​has finished generating the video we can play it and check the result. If we like what we see on the screen, we can download the video by clicking on the “Download original video” option that we will see in the side menu on the right. If you want to create an AI headshot of your own, check the AI headshot generator for free now.

As you can see, the creative process to generate an animated avatar from a photograph is quite simple, and in our tests it did not take us more than 5 minutes to create our first video.

If you are interested in this tool, keep in mind that HeyGen is a premium tool. It can be used for free to create the occasional short video of no more than 2 minutes, but if we are going to use it continuously then we will have to subscribe to the application (the cheapest subscription costs $59 per month).

It is clear that it is not exactly a cheap or economical application, but if we are professionals and work in the medium, it is possible that it will be quite profitable, since it greatly speeds up the creation of content.

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