Summary of Apple Event 2024

Apple holds several events every year and launches various products and gives exciting news in each of those. Apple products are dearly loved, especially in the west. Thus, in the following article we are going to have a close look into all the Apple Event 2024 and their shenanigans.

Apple Event 2024

In this event Apple formally launched the Apple Vision Pro. This product was announced a year before, in June 2023. Moving on, the Apple Spring event 2024 was the one where they introduced the new MacBook Air laptops higher quality technology, which would improve its speed and graphics. They also added some new features like better Wi-Fi and a coating to resist fingerprints.

They also gave some hints about the iPads they are planning to release soon. They have said that the iPad Pro models will have fancy OLED screens for better graphics, which will be materialized using the M3 chip. iPad Air is also set to get new models, some in the same classic size, and some as big as an IPad pro.

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One of the biggest Apple event 2024 will be held from June 10 to 14, 2024 where they will mostly present about updates for their software like iOS, macOS, and more. Their major emphasis will be on integrating artificial intelligence with their devices to attain a new level of technological advancement.

They will have keynote speeches, video sessions, and chances to talk to Apple experts throughout the week. A great news is that Apple is supporting young developers through the “Swift Student Challenge”, where winners can attend the in-person event.

Finally the most awaited event is likely to happen in September, the launch of iPhone 16 itself. Most probably the new phone will also have four models, iPhone, iPhone Plus, Pro and Max. Alongside this phone, the apple watch is also expected to be launched. Users are looking forward to unique and attractive hardware updates and efficient software updates for both of these devices.

Through reliable sources, we have found out that Apple is all set to launch iOS18, which is going to be one of the biggest software updates. The focus is on revamping the design and allowing for more customization options.

Users might finally see changes to the look of iOS after a long time. It is expected that new features for messaging might be introduced.  There could be accessibility improvements, including better voice control options. It is also likely that AI and Siri will be integrated to enhance its functionality. Alongside iOS 18, updates for Apple’s major apps such as Safari, Mail, and Apple Maps are expected.

People are also suspecting some improvements to health-related features, such as detecting hypertension and sleep apnea. There is also speculation about changes to the design of the Apple Watch itself.

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