The Art and Science of Safeguarding with Polyethylene Foam Packaging


In the realm of protective packaging, the artistry and scientific precision of Polyethylene Foam Packaging come together to redefine the safety standards for transported goods. This article delves into the unique features, advantages, and the exemplary services provided by Advanced Protective Packaging, highlighting the pivotal role of polyethylene foam in ensuring the secure arrival of products.

Decoding Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Polyethylene foam, a cross-linked marvel, takes center stage as a guardian for products in transit. Tailored for general protection and reusability in multi-trip packaging, this foam demonstrates its prowess, especially in factory transit applications and color-coordinated tool packs. While it may command a higher price than its polystyrene counterpart, its role becomes paramount when safeguarding valuable, high-end products that demand a guarantee of a safe arrival.

A Colorful Spectrum of Protection

Beyond its protective capabilities, polyethylene foam introduces a touch of creativity with a palette that includes black, white, blue, and anti-static pink. This allows for not just secure packaging but also a visual appeal, especially in the case of tool packs where color combinations can be employed for both functionality and aesthetics.

Trade Names and Expertise

Polyethylene foams, known by various trade names such as Ethafoam, Stratocell, Jiffycell, Polylam, or Nopaplank, are harnessed to their full potential by Advanced Protective Packaging. Their proficiency extends to specialized foams like Nomafoam, Plaztazote, and Zotefoam, showcasing a commitment to leveraging the right material for the right application.

The Holistic Packaging Experience

Advanced Protective Packaging doesn’t stop at providing polyethylene fitments; it offers a complete packaging experience. Boxes, cartons, tape, and bubble wrap – the comprehensive range ensures a one-stop solution for all packaging needs. This all-encompassing approach streamlines the packaging design process, minimizes paperwork, and ensures balanced stock levels.

Simplifying the Journey

The simplicity of sourcing from one supplier cannot be overstated. It streamlines the packaging design process, providing a swift and efficient experience. Dealing with a single supplier eliminates the complexities of managing multiple paperwork streams and ensures an immediate response to any queries, promising a smooth and efficient customer experience.

Unraveling the Versatility and Innovations

Polyethylene foam packaging emerges as a versatile and innovative solution, sculpted from the durable and lightweight polymer polyethylene. This type of foam has found its place in diverse industries such as electronics, automotive, and healthcare, thanks to its exceptional cushioning properties.

Absorbing Impact Forces: A Shield for Fragility

A standout feature of polyethylene foam packaging lies in its ability to absorb and distribute impact forces. The intricate structure, with numerous cells acting as miniature shock absorbers, significantly mitigates the risk of damage during transportation or handling. Delicate and fragile items, in need of careful handling, find a reliable shield in the cushioning properties of polyethylene foam.

Resistance to the Elements

Polyethylene foam packaging transcends impact protection; it resists moisture, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations. This makes it the ideal choice for packaging products sensitive to these factors, such as electronic devices. The foam creates a protective barrier that prevents moisture ingress, ensuring the longevity and functionality of the packaged product.

A Glimpse into Advanced Protective Packaging

Founded in 1986, Advanced Protective Packaging proudly carries the torch as a family-run business. Originating in Manchester, the founder Brian Garsden laid the groundwork, and today, son-in-law Mark Hollingsworth leads the charge, supported by an experienced team, some with over two decades of service.

Evolution of Expertise

From its origins as a provider of polystyrene packaging, the company responded to customer needs, expanding its expertise to include various materials, including foams and cartons. The acquisition of PK Sanders in 1999 strengthened their capabilities, allowing them to offer an extensive range of products such as Nomafoam, Zotefoam, and extruded polystyrene.

Customer-Centric Success

The continued success of Advanced Protective Packaging is rooted in its commitment to providing optimal solutions for customer protective packaging needs. The company’s evolution is a testament to its willingness to exceed customer expectations, continually adapting to meet specific requirements.

The Harmony of a Complete Solution

Your development time is reduced with the capabilities of designing the complete protective packaging solution. Supplying both the outer carton and internal fitment, Advanced Protective Packaging offers the complete package, reducing sourcing and purchasing time, and simplifying stock control.

Boxes and Cartons: A Comprehensive Range

Advanced presents a full range of corrugated products in all FEFCO styles, along with a bespoke range of internal fitments. Whether plain or printed, these are crafted to provide the utmost protection.

Nomafoam: Resilience in Diversity

Nomafoam, a wide-ranging resilient foam, comes in various shapes, styles, and densities, customized to unique requirements. This resilient foam stands as a testament to Advanced’s commitment to offering diverse solutions.

Plastazote: Attractive Protection

Widely used in presentation packaging and protective packaging, the Zote range of materials in Plastazote offers great protection, an attractive finish, and is available in many colors.

Polyethylene Foam Packaging: A Shield for Repeated Knocks

Polyethylene foams provide unmatched protection against repeated knocks, ensuring the safe arrival of your goods. Available in white, black, and pink antistatic, these foams become the frontline defense for your valuable products.

Polystyrene: Lightness in Packaging

Polystyrene, the least expensive and lightest of packaging materials, is ideal for high-volume packaging that needs to withstand simple knocks.

Polyurethane: Flexibility and Resilience

Polyurethane, ideal for lightweight products, offers flexible and resilient protection. Available in various forms, including convoluted or “egg box,” it provides customized protection for your products.


In conclusion, the symphony of Polyethylene Foam Packaging orchestrates a harmonious blend of artistry and science, ensuring the safety of transported goods. Advanced Protective Packaging, with its rich history, diverse expertise, and commitment to excellence, stands as a beacon in the realm of protective packaging. As the term “Foam Packaging” reverberates through this narrative, it symbolizes not just a material but a comprehensive solution, a shield against impact, a defender against the elements, and an integral part of the journey towards secure and reliable product transportation.

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